Carapuce is a dual-type Fairy/Fighting Pokemon found in the Rathe region. It evolves from Cerishell after level 30 with a Fighting-type move.


Species name
Dex number
Gender ratio
Catch rate
Hatch time
Levelling rate
Body style Biped with tail
Pokedex colour Red
Base friendship


Dex entriesEdit

Ochre: Its sword and shield are stowed on its back normally, and attach onto its elbows by suction.  Years of defending its colony from Poison-types has rendered this Pokemon's tolerance of toxins.


Primary/Secondary: Justified/Toxic Boost

Hidden: Rock Head/Pixilate

Base statsEdit

HP - 100 Atk - 110 Def - 160 SpA - 45 SpD - 80 Spd - 30 BST - 525



By level up: -Vacuum Wave -Shadow Claw -Dragon Claw -Night Slash -Leaf Blade -Metal Claw -Psycho Cut -Poison Jab -X-Scissor -Swords Dance -False Swipe -Air Slash -Aerial Ace -Wild Charge -Razor Shell -Iron Head -Low Kick -Work Up -Rapid Spin -Light Screen -Pain Split -Tackle -Play Nice - Yawn -Bide 5 Fairy Wind 8 Defence Curl 8 Rollout 10 Curse 12 Disarming Voice 15 Payback 18 Headbutt 21 Revenge 24 Zen Headbutt 26 Gyro Ball 28 Endure 30 Play Rough 30 Slash 31 Protect 32 Low Sweep 33 Bulldoze 34 Submission 35 Bulk Up 36 Amnesia 37 Take Down 38 Claw Sharpen 39 Facade 40 Brick Break 41 Reflect 42 Sky Uppercut 43 Counter 44 Hammer Arm 45 Iron Defence 46 Sacred Sword 47 Safeguard 48 Wide Guard 49 Reversal 50 Double-Edge 51 Spiky Shield 52 Close Combat 53 Shell Smash 54 Heavy Slam 55 Focus Blast 56 Head Smash 57 Superpower 58 Metal Burst 59 Giga Impact


By move tutor:

By pre-evolution:


Egg groupEdit


Egg movesEdit



Based on Little Red Riding Hood, the pink fairy armadillo and kabuto helmets.

Name originEdit

Carapuce is a portmanteau of carapace and puce, as in the shade of reddish-pink.


- Carapuce can get Pixilate as a hidden ability via an in-game trade similar to how Basculin can get Rock Head in Black and White.

- As to which arm of a Carapuce has the sword/shield, it's down to IVs.

- Carapuce is Squirtle's French name; this was intentional.

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